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The New Galaxy Patsornchai is a state-of-the-art 51 seater coach provided to us by German manufacturer MAN (Based on MAN R40, a Long 14 Meters Coach). Combining luxury and comfort with the latest technology on offer, you can be sure it’ll be a ride to remember. Headrests and cushioning are more ergonomic than previous models, ensuring a comfortable journey, and with a brand new karaoke system and innovative presentation software, you now have the choice of presenting your work during journeys.

The New Galaxy Patsornchai Coach is equipped with

  • Water Closet (WC)
  • Water Dispenser (Hot and Cold)
  • Mobile Charger (Fast Charging Port 2.1A) on every seats
  • Free Wi-Fi Onboard (5G and 2.4G Channel)
  • Automatic Three Points Safety Belts
  • Surrounding Interior Ambient Light
  • Apple TV 4K (5th Generation)
  • Touch Screen Radio (with Bluetooth)
  • Tour Guide Microphones (from Shure)
  • Quality JBL Speaker with Subwoofer
  • Five High Definition Television
  • 24 Hours CCTV Camera
  • GPS Linked with Department of Land Transport Thailand (DLT)
  • Automatic Controlled Air Conditioning System
  • Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS)
  • Diesel Engine
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